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So far, the film Bura duše, Storm of the Soul has been shown publicly in the several cities of our Beautiful Homeland. It is interesting that only the premiere shows in Zagreb's Europa Cinema, in Osijek and Ivanec, were organized by us.

Other presentations were organized by cities and counties, tourist agencies, veterans' associations and the Ministry of Croatian Veterans' Affairs.

It all started with a festive premiere on April 22. 2019. (Easter Monday) at the great auditorium of Zagreb's Europa Cinema.

Kino Europa 1+.jpg
Kino Europa 2+.jpg

On that same Easter Monday, Storm of the Soul aired in the evening on eight regional televisions in Croatia. On the next day we received an information that as many as 70 000 people watched our film film via Zagreb's Z1 TV, without taking other television stations into account.

Shortly afterwards, the first public screening took place in Novska on April 30, at the First Homeland War Film Review, marking the 24th anniversary of the military operation Bljesak/the Flash 2019. Our film had the honour of opening the formal part of the Review.

Novska 1.jpg

Then followed the presentations in Osijek, Ivanec, Daruvar (marking the Statehood Day), Sisak (on the occasion of the Veterans of the City of Sisak Day), Knin and Slunj (marking the military operation Oluja/The Storm), Čakovec (marking the 28th anniversary of the liberation of Međimurje in 1991. and the Day of the Veterans of Međimurje), and few more times in Zagreb.

Flyer za sinagogu 3 jpg+.jpg
Bura duse u Ivancu+.jpg
Bura duse u Daruvaru+.jpg
Bura duse u sisku 2+.jpg
Bura duse u Medimurju+.jpg

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 (corona virus) pandemic has prevented further screenings planned for Zadar, Šibenik, Split and Dubrovnik.


In the meantime, a few more television stations have shown the Storm of the Soul film on several occasions. The film has also arrived to South Korea and Bulgaria, and it has been translated into English, Czech and Italian.

Bura duse u Koreji 2+.jpg
Bura duse u Koreji 1+.jpg
Bura duse - korejski titl+.jpg
Bura duse u Bugarskoj+.jpg
Bura duse - ceski+.jpg

You can view photos from some of the shows by visiting the PHOTOS sub-page.

Below you can see a news report on Slavonian Television News about the screening of the Storm of the Soul in Osijek  on May 11. 2019.

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