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I am stunned by its visual rhetoric, film literacy, glorious camera work and editing. In the often non-cinematic narrative, you have managed to interpose a visual thrill that follows the story so subtly and rhythmically. The film has no unnecessary narrative digressions, the use of the archive is well proportioned and always in function of the story... In my view you have succeeded in conveying an extremely important theme without a grain of melodrama, which is so common for this type of film.

film historian i film critic

A work that looks much more professional and expensive to produce than it actually was.

Effective and unobtrusively aesthetic film.

film critic

Not a cheerful theme at all, but a theme that was rendered emotionally and very suggestively. That is why the film was honored to officially open the 1st Documentary Film Review on the Homeland War, held in Novska in 2019. g.

film director

With its high-quality directorial production, Storm of the Soul is a great contribution to the body of Croatian documentary films on the theme of Homeland War and to the propagation of truth to the world about what happened here in the 1990s. Without embellishment or melodrama, this film presents the real problems of the post-war times and everyday life.

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